When He Bathes

I lie on the bed waiting for him to walk out. I have imagined him, wondered about his scent and pictured him naked. I have pictured the towel falling off. I have pictured walking in onto him and giving him a bath. I want to bathe him.

I love water dripping off his face. Some droplets stay on his eyelashes. His innocent eyes and the charm within are a delight to look at. I fear getting lost in them. I fear losing control.

I play with my thoughts and wonder when he will walk out.

There he is…

I give a greedy grin. Then, desperation gets the better of me.

I stare at him. My eyes lust after his toes. Those gorgeous things! Oh God…How I want to suck them. I want to plant tender kisses. I want to lick the water off his legs. Find my way to his inner thighs. Hear him moan and then suddenly start licking him.

He will let out a soft moan then. I will smile and chuckle in delight. I know how to turn him on. I will kneel down and wipe him clean. With my tongue. I will kneel down and worship him.

Then he will lift me up and part my legs.

Then, I will lose myself. In him.



~ by lonelyeyes on April 24, 2012.

One Response to “When He Bathes”

  1. wow , this is very nicely written .

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