His Lips

The curve of his lips tempt me. I sit next to him in taxis and wonder what it would be like to steal a kiss. There they are — so full, so luscious and so beautifully carved. So full of flesh, round, soft, perfect.

They scream at me. I wonder what it would feel like when I bite them. What would I do, if they touch me. How would I react?

I would play with the curves. I would plant tenderness when he smiles. I would bite the lower lip and roll my tongue on the inside. I would play with his mustache, perhaps. And his chin? I want to talk to it. We can have intense conversations. But then his lips always distract me. Always.

How do you talk to someone and not stare at the lips?

Maybe, you don’t talk. You just kiss.



~ by lonelyeyes on April 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “His Lips”

  1. Maybe, you don’t talk. You just kiss -> Perfect !

  2. You are brilliant! Absolutely brilliant…

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