His Neck

There are days when you walk into a room and I want to let out a scream and bite your neck. God! it’s so tempting. I want to cuddle up to it from behind. I want to dive at it when you wear a crisp white shirt.

I have stared at the sweat beads that park themselves there. I want to lick them after you come back from a game. All sweaty and muddy and dirty. My perfume. My hottie!

At the party, that girl held your shoulders and danced with you. Just when the pace picked up, her hands brushed your collarbone. I followed her fingers.

How could she?

That bitch! I wanted to tear her fingers. But I waited. I saw your annoyance and made my peace. Then I realized that I wanted you completely. All of you. Every single square inch. Especially that neck.

I want to bathe it with kisses.

Tender kisses. Soft kisses. Noisy kisses. Kisses that suck the skin. Kisses that lick you. Kisses that smother you. Kisses that make you smile. Kisses that leave marks. Kisses that make me scream. Kisses that fondle you. Kisses that make you moan. Kisses that make us moan.

Then, that ONE kiss that makes you lose control.

But first, I want to own your neck. All of it.


~ by lonelyeyes on April 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “His Neck”

  1. this gives voluptuous pleasure
    awesome writing
    keep writing

  2. Damn! That was insane! You give me lots of inspiration!

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