I yield

He was sly. Probably stupid as well.

Here I was, giving him an account of my long and boring dinner and he made me freeze.

In the middle of the hallway, he slips his fingers inside my jeans and my jaw is left hanging.

I just stare at him and he gives me a lopsided grin and challenges me with ‘Go on. You were saying something about a lobster and your colleague’s rant

I mumble, give a half-hearted grin and collect my thoughts. ‘Ummm…yeah’. I am wondering how to respond to his action. Unbutton? My thoughts move between the dinner and the prospect of action in the immediate future. He is acting like it’s everyday business for him.

His fingers have found my special spot and I am finding it hard to keep up.

I…uh….yes..I was saying…

You see, I love a good challenge. So I continue to talk and fail miserably. I have reached a point of incoherence. He grins and waits for me to stop and yield.

Well, I think to myself, two can play a game.

I try to make more sense and say some words and he owns me. He digs deep into me and I have started staring into eyes like a lost puppy. My fingers have unbuttoned my shirt and I start demanding a new routine. I want some music, some cream, but he refuses to listen.

He undresses me at his own pace and leaves me lying on the ground.

Where are you going? 

Can you just shutup and be patient? Can’t you see I am in charge here? 

I can hear the shower being turned on.

He comes back and the madness begins. He starts this new pinching thing and I twist around in pain and then he opens up my shirt and licks my neck. He starts to sing a song and chants my name and I can sense flesh moving inside of me. I am talking something I don’t understand and he revels in my daze. I look at his eyes and his mischief and the fun he is having at my expense.

Then the ride begins. He starts to lift me up and twists me around. He tries to add adventure to the experience. I have lost track of myself and started counting the number of times my spine tingles when he squeezes my ass. There is a gasp, a moan and a scream and I love the feeling when blood rushes into his member. Now it’s my turn to enjoy! He lets out a scream and begins the dirty talk. He’s riding me fast and he’s wants me to synchronise with him. We flip sides and continue the madness. The alarm rings for no reason and we both laugh it off. We relax for a bit and let the juices flow. I kiss him passionately and bite his nipples for some effect.

He seems to have more in him and he carries my limp body into the shower. We gaze at each other and bathe each other for a long time and then passion takes over.

Over time, I have learnt that giving in is better than resisting.

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~ by lonelyeyes on June 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “I yield”

  1. Awesome to say the least !!! superb picturesqueness with words.
    Awesome !!!

  2. That was beautiful.. I am in complete and utter awe…

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