My Master

He swam into me

Like an ocean that one wades into

Like he found a parting and had to make a dash for it.

He penetrated my eyes and I surrendered

There was magic in them. Hope and the promise of joy.

Sheets found the floor, rage held us together, his arms caressed my hips.

There is such a thing as being suspended.

Trance. His touch and my movement. His ability to play music. His love for my skin.

When he brushed  his arms against skin, I giggled in happiness.

When he sweats while exerting, I grinned in delight. Here he was, exploring the deepest shades of desires.

I feel the unison is perfect.

He calls my body his garden. My pussy has his secrets and my boobs are his hilltops. His flesh has played and pushed.

My universe is he. My greatest song. My fondest memory. My Master.


~ by lonelyeyes on July 2, 2012.

One Response to “My Master”

  1. again awefuckingsome good !
    I am a fan now 1

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