That thing you do – 2

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That thing you do ..

With your index finger and my navel?

I wish you’d  do it forever and ever and ever …


That thing you do – 1

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That thing you do ..

With my spine, ice and your tongue?

I wish you’d do it forever and ever and ever…

Some Mornings

•January 24, 2012 • 2 Comments

Some mornings he is next to me

Some mornings he is inside me

Some mornings I hold on to him

Some mornings I hold on to something of him

Some mornings we refuse to let go

Some mornings I refuse to let go

Some mornings winter keeps us in

Some mornings I tickle his chin

Some mornings I wake up without him

Some mornings its just a dream

Some mornings I probe him deep

Some mornings he sings me to sleep

Some mornings we have pillows to keep score

Some mornings I wake up screaming for ‘more’



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You are hopeless you know? 

Then give me some hope no?


I am looking for more this time

*lowers skirt*

That’s it? 

Are you in a bargaining position?

I am still allowed to ask?

Then to the tune of a samba beat she danced all night. He cheered and whooped with joy. She tickled his inner thighs, kissed his lips and left fragrances of strawberry all over. Whipped cream was all over the place. He kept moaning, getting angry and begging to be freed.

But she knew better. She kept him handcuffed all night. 



•January 1, 2012 • 2 Comments

When you brushed my lips in the elevator the other day, I was up all night

That dance. When you played with my back, I had a wet dream.

When I open my eyes, every morning you are thrusting into me

I am waiting for imagination to be conquered by reality.

You know what?

•December 18, 2011 • 5 Comments

You know what that bastard did?

He fucked me all night with his fingers and kissed me like a madman.

You know what that bastard did?

He walked into the house. Ordered me to remove my clothes. And thrust his dick into me.

You know what that bastard did?

He made me weep and beg and worship him but he kept fondling my insides till I stopped trying. And then the big fuck began. Add to that he just fucked me once. Just once! Can you imagine? It should be a crime. This whole foreplay business.

6 hours

•December 6, 2011 • 3 Comments

She ran down the stairs and melted in his arms

She remembers when they first walked past that secluded area near the stairs and they heard someone making out. She had giggled and he had given a knowing smile.

The next evening his hands had casually brushed against her boob. She had replayed the action all night. He sat wondering if it was the beginning of something.

Weeks past and one day his hand brushed against hers. She responded by brushing hers as well.

He played with her bra strap and she giggled.

Weeks of playful teasing and one moment of passion. He had pulled her beneath the stairs, squeezed her hard and she was clueless how to respond. She hugged him and then slowly kissed him. It was a point where the climax would begin, but footsteps and an intruder ensured that they ran.

Today no one could stop her. She was brave. She knew she was in love with him. With his touch. She responded so well to his fingers. When on the neck she twirled around and offered her ass, when he played with her boobs, she wrapped her legs around him. It was a predictable tune and it was a song that belonged to them.

What took you so long

I was wearing the new stuff

You shouldn’t tell me things like these

What are we having tonight?

I want to beg and plead

No controlling, dominating version?

(Giggles and bites lips) Ok fine, you squeeze and I will lick

He lifted her lehenga and clutched her closer. She was naked and wet inside and he wanted to lick all of that heaven. She lay on the ground and gave out soft moans while he went deep into her. She started pleading for more and he just wouldn’t have enough. Finally she got herself to push his member inside of her. He pushed and gave deep sighs while she lifted herself. They exchanged positions while he was still waiting to cum.

Then a deep sigh later they snuggled next to each other.

Want to try some more? 


I still haven’t got my share

She grinned and bit her lip and played with his tip. Slowly, twirling, pinching, rubbing, tickling

She gave long moans, and gasped at its size, she cuddled it, she licked it, snuggled to it, worshipped it, held it, squeezed it, swinged it, licked it…

He gave her hard looks and she just got up …pretending to leave…He had anger and shock on his face…she gave a wicked laugh and came back …then she gave him the best fucking blowjob in the world.

After it was over, he slept on top of her and sucked her boobs in peace. She twirled his hair and waited till he got back his groove for more.

6 hours and they had a lot of positions to try…